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  • Events

    • Sunday, December 12, 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      Blood Drive
      Make the very Christian sacrifice of giving blood to save lives of others at our Blood Drive on Sunday, December 12th!
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    • June 16 - June 24
      Pilgrimage to France
      We're going on a pilgrimage to France, and you're invited! Join us as we visit Lourdes, the home of St. Bernadette, Lisieux, the home of St. Therese, and Parish in June 2022!
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  • Register at Our Lady of Grace

    Fill out a Parish Registration Form and return in person to the parish office or by email.

    Parish Registration Form

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  • Mass Times

    • Saturday: 5:30 PM EnglishEnglishEN High-Risk, Masks Required
    • Sunday: 7:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN 9:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN 11:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN 1:30 PM SpanishEspañolES 5:30 PM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Monday: 8:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN 6:00 PM EnglishEnglishEN During Lent
    • Tuesday: 8:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Wednesday: 8:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN 6:00 PM EnglishEnglishEN September through May
    • Thursday: 8:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Friday: 8:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Saturday: 8:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN
  • We Communicate with Flocknote

  • Alive in Communion

    This year's stewardship renewal theme is Alive in Communion, which is taken from the description of the original community of disciples found in the Acts of the Apostles (2:42-47). Listen below to the Smith Family share about their experience at Our Lady of Grace and giving of their time, talent, and treasure to our parish!

  • Catholic Ministries Appeal

    By our missionary discipleship, we can work to build up the Body of Christ, his Church, by carrying the Good News of the gospel to all people. This year the Catholic Ministries Appeal (formerly Fruitful Harvest) is offering each of us the opportunity to reach out to those in need across our diocese as well as continuing the ministry and education programs within our own parish.

    By giving to the Catholic Ministries Appeal, you are helping to support programs for our retired priests as well as new seminarians, for our youth, Newman Centers, deacons, prison ministry, pregnancy centers and so much more. Click the photo below for more information!